Why I don't think releasing many products in a row is usually a good idea

Bruno Quaresma
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I've seen some people releasing many products in a row, and for me, usually, it is not the right way to make one of them successful or learn things because of a few reasons and assumptions: - You probably don't have time enough to execute it well. The project can be a good idea, but if the execution is bad, you probably will not get too much attention or solve the user problem correctly. Of course, you can release things quickly if you scope the project very well and make it small. - It is important to have time to learn from the previous project. When you are releasing things too fast, you are still focusing only on the first step that makes a product successful. After releasing a product, it is good to have some time to collect user feedback, work on some marketing stuff like SEO and content. - Not enough energy to make all the things minimum good. I don't know how it sounds for you, but it is very hard for me to have regular work, take care of my personal stuff, and work on so many projects in a short period of time. That means, at least for me, that I will not work so well on some of these projects. Of course, things have two sides, and I would love to know if you think differently and why.
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