Why I Decided That Being an Indie App Maker > Having a $300K Job 💰

I'm not a writer, so writing this blog post was one of the hardest things I've ever done 😆 It was also scary putting myself out there, especially since I know my logic isn't completely flawless. I feel good about it though :) https://twitter.com/maximehugodu...


Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your story! You should definitely feel good about your journey, even if the logic is not flawless it is yours, and as long as it's something you can stand by and believe works for you the best - kudos to you! Good luck in all the future ventures 😊
Davyd Gromenko
Hi Maxime, Being very hesitant of my next steps and making grand moves I feel very relatable when it comes to your philosophy and values. I've a feeling that it's the luxury 21st century people have at a certain point: to create what you want, not what you have. Thank you for sharing! D.
Maxime Dupré 🔨🥹
@davyd_gromenko Hey Davyd, Thanks for reading, I'm glad you could relate 😊 Good luck with your next moves 🔥