Why do you care about photography?

Alvaro Arregui
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In recent years and with the incredible advance in computational image and AI-assisted photo tools, I feel a bit uneasy foreseeing where this field is heading for the mass population - I would love to know what people love about photography and what do you think you are missing in the current landscape of things where your phone acts as the main or only camera people have. Photography has always been a passion of mine since I realized my father was taking photos of me and my brothers as a child. Although I am a designer by trade, I keep photography protected on the side just for the pleasure of the pure experience of capturing the moment and people I love and admire. I am opening this space to hear your thoughts and sentiment about this field, hopefully, and collectively, we can find links that can lead to a bright future for photography.


Hi @alvaroarregui ! I love photography for the feels & the beauty of the moment. As we said a picture is worth 1000 words. I don't know if anything is missing in this field right now but I can tell I love free picture website like unsplash. They are usefull.
Asif Kamal
its just speical to capture moments and you can tell your own stories through it.
Rashmi Gupta
I just like to see beautiful pictures, even captured by others of the places where I have never been or the events in the past. I tried photography few years back, bought some expensive equipments, but realized that its a lot time taking, even more expensive and somehow couldn't continue it.
Jérémy Stenuit
I love capturing the moment so my clients will remember this time forever
Green Roberts
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Liz Worthy
I love how photography can be used to capture a moment. I'm in my 40's and growing up pre-smart phone there were so many times I wished I had a camera to capture a funny or surprising moment. Today, with cameras built into our phones, it is so much more likely that we are indeed able to capture that moment. I have a 6 year-old and will add that it's interesting to see how her relationship to photography is different from that of my own. She loves taking pictures and posing for pictures. With this early exposure to photography, I could see her being more, not less, likely to want to pursue photography as an art in later years.