Why do websites still use 'Mailto' links for referrals?

Nader Rehaan M
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Given, they are super simple to implement - but with so many better alternatives for better sharing UI - mailto links seem so outdated in 2022. - It offers no analytics on user behaviour once it redirect to the ESP. - It offers zero control to the host website. - It does not necessarily personalise the emails and clubs several recipients into the same email. - Worst of all, it takes your customer away to an external pop-up or window to complete a referral. I just don't get it. Why do websites still use this?


Ben (Snakespear)
Mailto is cross platform and doesn't require JS, though I'd agree it's not suited for a sharing UI (usually I see it in contact links etc). In fact, I'm not sure how you'd use it for sharing.
Davide Matta
It's very simple to implement and I think it's the only solution for static websites unless you use a third-party tool/service. What would you use in this case?