Why do most D2C brand choose Shopify?

Kishore Sahoo
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I am building a D2C products discovery platform. I have found out that most of the D2C stores using @shopify. Some are using WooCommerce, others are BigCommerce, etc. Shopify is ahead of the game. If you have a D2C brand, then what are the points you take care of while choosing the platforms?


Arnav Mahajan
One of the reasons, I know, working with a few E-commerce and DTC brands is, WooCommerce is slow and needs a lot of effort to improve the page-load times (merely because the underlying tech is php because of Wordpress). Shopify loadtimes are much better and SEO is easy.
Kishore Sahoo
@arnav1712 Yes, I agree. If you want to use WooCommerce then you need a good developer & need to use a good quality premium theme that might be fast. In Shopify you can get everything by 29$/month.
Arnav Mahajan
@kish2011_ true, although Shopify takes a cut from your earnings, that Woo doesn't. So there is always a trade-off.
Ruth Even Haim
Shopify is the clear market leader at this point, I think it's for a few different reasons: 1. They are relatively simple and quick to start with for both established and beginner DTC brands 2. Their pricing grows with your brand, and is affordable in different stages (compared to platforms that only offer enterprise pricing), but they also offer high level enterprise support (compared to self-service companies like WooCommerce) 3. Maybe most important is the partners ecosystem, where there are a verity of agencies to support small & big brands, and apps to enhance any store
Eugene Hauptmann
With Shopify you come for the tools (e-commerce), but stay for the eco-system (vendors, integrations, automations, Shop app, shipping discounts, fiscal and tax automation, developers community). Here's a story on how Shopify started – https://first1000.substack.com/p...