Why didn’t you already talk to users to find their problems ?

Julien Champagne
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Let’s say that you have an idea (or want one), maybe you had started to build something (or not) and ask yourself if your idea is worth it or not. It’s in common knowledge that the most important thing is to talk to real users, or to some people that will be your audience to understand if they encountered particular problems that are enough painful to build something useful for them. But for some it’s more complicated than it seems and I really wonder why? Is it because the target audience is difficult to access? Or maybe some think nobody will answer them? If some of you are in this situation can you explain to me what is holding you back?


Junior Owolabi
in my opinion, finding the target market is not the issue. the issue is persuading people to participate in an interview. you can't just ask to interview them, you have show you have sufficient understanding about their problem, and keep them engaged until they are open to being interviewed, then you have to book a timeslot, install video conferencing software, define questions to ask, finally if you are introverted/shy, gther the courage you follow through with the interview. I made a tool to somewhat simplify aspects of this process: https://www.prepxus.com
Julien Champagne
@rilwan_owolabi1 I agree with you, convince people to give some time to talk is not as easy as it seems. I think with some tenacity we can find a few who will agree but it's time consuming.
Alexa Vovchenko
It's funny but COVID helped me to gain a better understanding of my TA problems than numerous interview invites I've sent. After pandemia crashed entire companies and even industries, it actually appeared that senior management didn't pay enough attention to strategical talent planning. As a result, many organizations appeared to be much less flexible and productive, they started losing cash. Many companies don't know who they have, who they should hire and fire,how to retain people, and what are their skills capacities. So, we're right in time with http://employplan.com
Amit Tank
I have spoken to users before building my product by asking them what tools they use, what is that they need, how it will help them in their profession or work. You ask people from similar niche that you are building product into and you will get your response upfront from them.