Who/What is your Zagat/Zomato guide?

Stuti Agarwal
10 replies
You want to order in your next meal, or perhaps what to try a new restaurant or cuisine. Do you go online and where (app, website, magazines or papers) or offline to a friend who's a walking Zagat/Zomato guide?


Mayank Gupta
I prefer talking to my friend, who has been to many places. I trust word of mouth more than any reviews and till date I have not regretted it. :P
Somnath Sandeep
Given we already understand that the answer to this is totally contextual, broadly: (i) If I had already decided which cuisine I'd like to try: in this case, I'd just check the reviews both quantitatively and qualitatively. I usually just check in the app itself (Zomato or Swiggy). 4+ and it should be more than 1000 people, for that cuisine. (ii) If I hadn't decide which cuisine but I know the mood: in this case, I just like to explain the mood (I'm ded hungry, I need a romantic brunch, I want something homely, or healthy). I think this is because it's easier to communicate with a human who understands moods and sentiments, unlike a computer which categorizes food into limited labels. However, this is changing. We are starting to see more labels in the food delivery apps as well: Healthy, Detox etc. I hope we are on our journey to a vision where we can explain the mood to a device, and it recommends us a certain option. What about you?
Stuti Agarwal
@somnathsandeep I’ve almost always been disappointed by app ratings and reviews. My go to is friend recommendations who know my taste or reviews by magazines/websites I have had a good experience with.
Somnath Sandeep
@stuti i can totally understand. i think it depends a lot on personal experience. personally, i had discovered amazing places simply through reviews from multiple sources online.
Lauren Proctor
I'm always looking for new recommendations but when it comes to trust, I almost always defer to friends. If I have to evaluate a restaurant online I rely heavily on the menu and pictures of the venue and food.
Mrinalini Rabindranath
City specific Instagram food pages always have some hidden gems
Varsha Anil
I pick out the type of cuisine I am willing to try at the moment. Filter out restaurants based on the cuisine. Check Zomato first as it has the pricing, pictures, menu and reviews mentioned. If the restaurant seems interesting enough I check about the same on Google. I have found that Google has a better review audience. The menu plays an important role here.
I like to try new things and cuisines, so perhaps I would look at the rating of the food and order. But if I am going for a fine dine or something, the most important factor for me is the ambience, the interiors and exteriors of that space.
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