Who's starting something new ✨ this month?

Brayden W
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This month, I started working on a painless reflective journaling tool: GlowAndGrow (https://www.indiehackers.com/pro...) I would be interested to know if anyone else started working on a project/app this month. Let us know in the comments! πŸ‘‹


Scott Reid
We have been working on our SOLARA FLARE ( https://solaradata.com ) and looking at what we should add or subtract from our app. We created the Flare and the app to be completely user friendly. Just download, connect to our product and begin messaging. We are learning and finding that different companies are looking for specifically configured features, so we are creating the basic app as well as a more advanced app. We also can integrate our functions into already existing apps as well.
Matthew Wildrick Thomas
We have been working on Think Tutor. It's a platform to connect people to subject matter experts.
Ege Γ‡eler
Hi! We've been working on Pointship and we've launched today! Pointship is a platform where members can share their travel rewards such as unused miles/points, hotels rewards, lounge access rights with other members in the community. We've had transactions that our users have saved hundreds of dollars, booking a flight. We are not allowed to travel as much due to pandemic, so we all have accumulated travel rewards just waiting to be expired. Pointship allows members to turn their rewards into cash. Hope this interests you! Best, Ege and the Pointship team ✈️
David Barneda
We're trying a 30 sec. video pitch feature on komunity.io