Who actually browses Product Hunt?

I've tried checking it regularly, but I'll be totally honest - it just isn't a captivating concept to me. If I need something, I'll search for it. It kind of feels like everyone using it is just doing research on how to launch their own product, or trying to gain some credibility/traction. It reminds me of small comedy shows where everyone in the audience is an aspiring comedian themselves. Is PH just a bunch of aspiring entrepreneurs thirstily watching each other's launches? Am I thinking about this wrong? Do any of you folks get real value out of PH as a consumer? P.S. Taken from Indie Hackers.


Eivind Håverstad
Hi @falak_sher. I find getting initial traction without an audience pretty hard. Producthunt provides this initial traction which, at least for me, is real value. I've been more active on PH for the last year than any other marketplaces out there. During this period, I've pivoted from just learning from other launches to doing this. Being active on the discussions part of PH. This has given me a lot of interesting interactions, different views, and perspectives.
@eivindhaa 100%. Many people are forever grateful to PH & community bcoz it started their growth & money flywheel including mine.
Dagobert Renouf
I actually come here for the discussion boards, I've found some pretty interesting people hang out.
Sarah Damage
Hi @falak_sher ! Personally where I'm working at now we use it to launch products (like the one we just did today https://www.producthunt.com/post...) but other than that I don't really browse on it
Mayank Mishra
I try to check out cool products once in a while!
Ruben Wolff
As a consumer, you can truly discover some gems on PH. Of course as a a founder you'll use it as well to see how other people are doing with their launches, notice what they do right and what you can do better, etc. And you can connect with other people to then support each other in your journey, and the discussions here can be pretty interesting as well.
Jaskiran Kaur
I generally browse it to interact with people, learn from them, help them, etc. I think it is the best platform I have found.
Mudit Thareja
If you want to find new ideas to solve , look in the comments of each product hunt launch
Brayden W
Same here - I *try* to look at the top products everyday, but doesn’t consistently happen. I also use it for researching product ideas and seeing what’s already out there.
Victor G. Björklund
I find it useful for finding products that I didn't know I needed (and hence wouldn't search for) and new products with a new twist (and since they are new they won't be highest in the serps).
Pramod Rao
I've been on PH since 2014 or so and there hasn't been a better platform to discover cool new things people are making around the world. I wasn't a maker back then but got slowly hooked on to PH and over the years my desire to build something grew. I guess PH played a small but important part in that mindset shift. And I'm glad I finally took that step. Initially as a side project and now the startup I'm working on. Today, I browse PH 3-4 times a week to check out what others are building, upvote the ones I like and support makers around the world.
Natalie Karakina
I browse too: for products for daily usage or great launches
Manish Rawat
Came here for the products, got hooked on discussions
Rebeka Sultana
browse it regularly to find interesting products
Product Hunters 😅
Md Raisul Islam
Actually i came here for check product update news.
Generally I browse it to interact with people. Beside learn from them and help them.
Swadhin Das
I generally browse it to interact with people, learn from them, help them, etc.
Jubair Hasan Munna
I browse it to find new product ideas.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I browse PH regularly for 3 reasons : - Find new product ideas and learn - Interact with people via the Discussion tab (there are some interesting topics lately) - Watch potential competitors