While working from home, how do you deal with personal space issues?

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Arko Ganguli
I think this an emerging situation, which is why I feel the hybrid will always be a good solution on the table. I think our primary understanding of home decor is going through a complete overhaul in the light of the new normal of WFH
Uku Kudu
You can't know the answer, because you have to negotiate with other people who live with you. Come up with an answer together. Also try to wake up early when everybody is sleeping. You can get 2-3 hours quiet time. Work on priority number 1 then.
Hosea Elkin
Let the people that I live with know that when it's work time, it's work time. They most of the time just listen and leave me alone for the period that I am working which is good for me.
John McD
I work in a tech company and we would use some remote work software (AweSun Remote Desktop,Zoom etc.) to help improve efficiency. After work I would simply shut down the laptop and be myself
Ekaterina Baygin
@john_mcd Nice! But It is very difficult to stop. All the time I think that I can work a little bit more and when I raise my head it is night((
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I feel lucky about it because I moved in a quiet house a few months ago. I am alone from 8 to 8 which gives enough time to work. For those who are less lucky, it is crucial to spare a little space dedicated to work to avoid distractions. Listening to music with earphone helps me to stay focused.
@cica_laure_mbappe that's so great! I agree, personal space with no distractions is very important.
Claire Glisson
I've been WFH since pre-covid. Having my partner in my space for the last year has been no fun! Luckily we work on different time zones, so our video calls rarely overlap, but it took us a while to get used to sharing each other's professional space. I think it's important to se up a dedicated working space (I already had one) - one priority for him was to get him off the kitchen table as quickly as we could.
Benoit Chambon
It's not about "personal space" issues, but "cat wanting hugs" issues haha
Grisel Dugarte
For me a hybrid is the solution, I also feel is very personal, so many pros/cons in both sides!
Marina Korobka
Got my "working pajamas") Still, it's a little difficult to work in the same room I use for sleeping and resting(
Richard Francis
No such thing as personal space in my house (2 kids). Thankfully my co-working space stayed open during the pandemic so that's been a life saver. Although now everything's opening back up it's getting super hectic there so I'm spending more time at home lately 😂
Steven Guyton
I have a big problem with the lighting. I work at the computer, and my eyes hurt a lot, even from the lighting in the room. I'm still working on it. It seems to me that everything is fine with the lighting in the room, but I always try to work with lamps. My lamps in the chandelier are turning yellow, and there seems to be not enough light. Then I decided to put more lamps and LED strips. I ordered from Joom and Aliexpress, awful quality. It's much better with Amazon. Here is one of the models https://www.amazon.com/Night-Lig.... I hope the problems will go away, because I still have a long time to work, and I'm not going to do repairs in the room.
Jonathan Yan
Hi @tapsi ! I think they key is to not work in a place where you like to wind down (e.g., bedroom). For me, it's important to have a designated space to work and keep that separate from where I like to relax in order to be the most productive. At oVice, we provide access to virtual spaces for our users where they can customize it and make it their own! You can turn it into a virtual office, host events, study space, etc. Our goal is to really optimize the remote work experience by giving our users the ability to interact with their peers in real time. This helps promote productivity and collaboration and I feel it can really help you stay focused, no matter where you are in the world! Check us out at tour-en.ovice.in to take a look around and see how it works.
Ray Hebb
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