Which website builder do you think is the best and why?

Evgenia Pereverzeva
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What are the must-haves?


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@evgenia_pereverzeva Welcome. Yes, I actually use boxmode. It's pretty cool. Both site builders are new and are currently in the beta stages.
Ryan Lunka
I've used Wordpress quite a bit, and it gets it done if you know how to deal with its quirks. I'm currently using Webflow and I'm mostly pretty happy with it. The CMS/blogging features leave something to be desired. For an eCommerce website, I agree with others who have posted that Shopify should be your default choice.
Max S. Yarchevsky
@ryanlunka Could you please tell, what made you to change a platform?
Ryan Lunka
@evgenia_pereverzeva Of course! Trying to navigate Wordpress's backend to build a business website that wasn't blog-centric became to cumbersome. I figured, if I have to seek out, pay for, and learn a bunch of plugins or add-ons just to make Wordpress do what I want, I should just evaluate other options. I have a background in enterprise WCMS implementations, specifically Adobe Experience Manager, so that's my default lens. When I evaluated Webflow, I liked how well the WYSIWYG features worked, and it didn't lock me in to a "blog" paradigm like Wordpress kind of does.
@evgenia_pereverzeva I actually did fill the form a while back. I also had an issue with support and they did assist. It's all good.
Kate Jonas
I liked Wix, used it for smaller projects