Which video hosting platform do you use for your business or as a creator?

Ankur Singh
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Anil Matcha
We use youtube channel to share use-case videos for existing videos and to target new users
Shirley-Louise Daniels
I have not started yet, so do not have any hosted - but probably a mix of YouTube, but showing on FB & IG platforms too!
Wistia, Youtube.
Ankur Singh
@kambanthemaker Ok, what kind of videos do you host on Wistia vs a Youtube?
Angi Bowman
We use YouTube and Vimeo. Both have their use cases in our market. Vimeo is preferred internally for embedding and sharing with users, but YouTube is required by many of our integration partners.
Ankur Singh
@lucky__angi makes sense. Any particular feature in Vimeo that stands out vs the competition?
Michael Dantzie
None of the above. I use Adilo
we use Cloudflare streams to host our videos.
Mainly Youtube, but we also have a presence on PeerTube.