Which sector do you expect to grow exponentially in the next 10 years? 🚀

Mert Akın
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I like thinking about this new emerging stuff, since they can easily inspire your work -- or you to create new things. I have also a little cash that I can spare, so I was thinking it could be a good opportunity to invest in something that can be a good fit in the long run! Looking for your contributions, thanks!


Barış Bingöl
It already is growing exponentially but i think VR is the next big wave.
Ataberk Hoşgör
Interestingly enough, I have been observing the plant-made industry for a while and it seems remarkable. It’s not that new and emerging, per se, but companies like Beyond Meat show great progress in creating good tasting plant-based meat which are indistinguishable from the real ones. I think it’s still worth checking out.
Elle Werle
@ataberkhosgor When I worked in Silicon Valley we had a guest speaker from a competitor of Beyond Meat come in and actually explain what they were doing along with some of their goals. I was blown away. It's definitely the future.
Aleyna Çatak
I don’t know if you can call it a sector but content creation and other creative work are getting more attention every day. Considering the fact that many apps like TikTok are growing rapidly and also other startups who are born every day also need content creation, this is huge sector that is only going to get bigger.
Tarek Dajani
I think environment friendly companies (either service, product or F&B) has a great future
Dennis Hoang
eCOM + Circular Economy.
Daryll Wong
@dennisfrompatturn circular economy is definitely something we are forced to look at! "7 years left to make a difference in Earth"
Ahmet Hosgor
working from anywhere. thus, anything promotes remote/gig economy will prosper
Johann Blake
@ahmethosgor Not really. All the software for collaborating in the office has long existed and has been used for remote long before Covid came around. Almost nothing new will be developed to target remote working. If you are considering developing some product for remote working, you're wasting your time.
Johann Blake
Anything related to electric vehicles including green energy that is needed to power them, charging stations,...
Amit Tank
SaaS market will be taking a great leap in next decade. One of the best products that I have been using is Pigeon 🐦. Check this out : joinpigeon.com
Hunter Peress
Sustainable Energy and Crypto.
Saša Starčević
I would say that e-learning will grow very fast in next couple of years and this situation with pandemic crisis will speedup/ force lot of sectors to grow in this direction. This situation will generate multiple solutions/ companies and we will need more developers and testers. Because of that, my friends and I have created one upcoming product here on Product Hunt. If this sounds logical for you, please take a look at: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Erika Ferszt
Stock footage industry will get very refined, essentially putting agencies out of business. Someone will come up with an AI that can make successful advertising. And, for personal interest, stress management/workplace wellness will become more and more important because sooner or later there's going to be a watershed lawsuit.
Hannah S Kim
Sustainable/Clean energy, Health Tech, AI, IoT
Daryll Wong
I see a more pressing need for environmental related solutions - Food (BeyondMeant, Impossible Foods), EVs, etc.
Jessica Zech
I think cannabis still has a lot of potential. And I can see psychedelics taking off too, once they are decriminalized more places.
Christopher Thorsell
Definitely social communities like the American VC fund Andreessen Horowitz explain in this article: https://a16z.com/social-strikes-... This cool app Friendspire, which is building a social community for finding recommendations, just went live today: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
AI, Voice analytics, Space industry.
Helena Arzabala
VR, Augmented humans, and most importantly (my opinion is totally biased) Health Tech!