Which piece of art would you choose as a screensaver / wallpaper?

Eugenia Russell
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Do you have a favourite piece of art that would make a fabulous desktop background, journal cover, screensaver or wallpaper? Tell the community here.


Eugenia Russell
I am creating a gallery of images from and about ancient history but have not chosen my 'favourite' yet. See more here: https://priam.softr.io/gallery-c...
Eugenia Russell
@rashjbp Thank you very much. Do you have some favourite art to recommend too?
Rashmi Gupta
@eugenia_russell its personal taste, I would like to have one of the map..you can't see them enough :)
This one from Attack On Titan - https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/927... Or those Zelda fan art water color : https://twitter.com/marmastry/st...
All my screens are always just black. Plain back.
Agbudu Ruth
I like anime scrinsavers
Ibrahim Saidu
Choosing art for my screensaver is like picking the perfect playlist. Lately, I'm vibing with Van Gogh's "Starry Night." The swirls and stars add a touch of magic to my screen. I also used this guide (https://pctipsnow.com/how-to-set...) to put it. Share your faves, guys! Let's turn our screens into a gallery!