Which one skill did you acquire from your Product Hunt experience?

Siddhesh Lokare
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Personally, I never got the bigger picture of how many makers and products are created every day with their continuous iterations and innovations. It was an eye-opener. But the skill of 'being able to provide' before blatantly asking for something always stayed with me. Humility and providence are two major human skills I acquired from this experience! And this is not going to end ever!


Marley'bongwe Mlambo
This is indeed by far one of the insightful statements I have read this far. In short communication is key. Communicate to be communicated. I believe that is what has driven civilizations Forward. The art of having to give out for the return of hoping to receive back as well.
Misha Krunic
Great insight, Siddhesh! I agree. PH is a community of like-minded people, and as with most communities, you need to give value to it, and it will give back. And I know it has been said many times (and almost became a cliche) but being genuine can go a long way. Cheers!