Which is the best tool to take high quality web page screenshots?

Bikash Kampo
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Co-Founder Tally
Can recommend Cleanshot!
@marie_martens Thanks for the recommendation. My bad! I should have mentioned that I am looking for Windows. But I was looking at their features list, they are providing cool utilities.
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Firefox build in feature is the best tool. :D
@jacquelinclem Thanks. Will take a look at it.
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Do check out Zoho Annotator. It's a clean and very easy-to-use tool that lets you take screenshots of web pages and add annotations to them. It even has the functionality to let you share your final screenshots via social media, email, or cloud storage built-in.
@sai_anand1 Thanks. Was unaware that zoho have this aswell. Will give it a try.
frontend developer
Top Tools To Take Full Page Website Screenshots :- FastStone Screen Capture. LambdaTest. TechSmith. Fireshot. Lightshot. Greenshot. SnapDraw. URL2PNG.
@hardyian Woohh! thanks for a long list of tools. Had used URL2PNG & Fireshot. Will check out others.