Which is that one fascinating thing you have done to energize your company culture?

Siddhesh Lokare
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Company culture is such a multi-dimensional process. Setting standards and generalizing on the basis of what Netflix or Google does not make sense to me. So, the question has to be asked, what different are you doing to beautify your work culture?


Eugene Hauptmann
Last year we went in a very non traditional way for the Bay Area, and became one of few faith-centric tech businesses. After spending 15+ years in tech, I can see how impactful the decision of putting people and values first can be.
Eugene Hauptmann
On the tactical level, here's a good description – https://twitter.com/eugenehp/sta...
David J. Kim
Every week, we have a period of time called "open discussion" where anyone can discuss about any aspect of the company. It was supposed to be a laid back and chill period, and some of our best ideas came from these open discussions.