Which event/meeting/phone call/interview had the biggest impact on your business career?

Dima Zubchenko
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I think good things happen to those who catch the opportunity. So mine was around 5 years ago when I was recommended by one of the top managers at the company I worked at to a startup. A meeting which supposed to be an 15-20 minutes max turned into 1,5 hour conversation about marketing and ended up with a 5X offer of what I've earned at that time. That was a really life changing experience where I've learned a lot and brought extra 1mln USD ARR over 2 next years. It also kickstarted my marketing consultant freelance business. What is your story?


Siena Romes
For me, it was the interview call after I got scammed by a previous client. I had worked for a week, and then they just didn't get back when it was payment time. I had learned from that experience. After that, this interview call comes and it was a lifesaver since this interview consisted of a video call, knowing that this was no scam anymore. I'm at a better place now because of that call.
Daniel Steemit
My game-changer was a networking event three years back. A casual chat led to a project, and before I knew it, I'd transitioned to a role that skyrocketed my career. Lessons learned, connections made, and growth experienced. However, use this service to avoid spam calls about interviews. That can help to find the best option!
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