Which drives more sells? UX or UI?

Mehul Kundu
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Recently I was readings somewhere in a portion he mentioned about a study that was conducted in Japan in 1980s (I can't remember properly) "That good looking UI can make up of slightly off UX" (not totally off but slightly) So I was comparing vercel.com dashboard UI (That is best in class in accessibility and UX, because it uses Redix UI under the hood) with jupiter.money or fi.money app UI (UX is a bit off, sometimes hard to understand where to navigate, but you'll figure it out anyway) Now form a developer perspective I will give Vercel 100% as it's easy for me to understand the interface. But what I think the mass audience will prefer Jupiter, Fi, SmallCase etc. as it looks good. So the point is - Can design of Vercel be appealing to mass audience?


Mehul Kundu
What do you think?
13 Answers
Prantik Kumar Seal
UI Attracts the audience, UX hooks the audience. Correct me if i am wrong.
Misha Krunic
I've been recently reading about UX having more impact on your sales. However, I still think both are important and should be worked on.
Mehul Kundu
@price2spy Yeah, yeah totally, both should have importance for sure. But I'm asking when you are at the edge to edge battle, what can be the game changer?
Saqib Ali
While both are important in a customer's journey. I would have to say that UI has a better chance in this debate. For me, a website with average UI and a wonderful UX can easily be beaten by a website with a wonderful UI and an average UX. I don't know what the masses have to say, but from a user's point of you, design matters and UI represents quality.
Mehul Kundu
@saqib301 Totally agreeing with you. UX should be invisible, that's why the better it is, less often people gonna notice it. But UI is certainly a visual parameter that is quicker enough to draw viewer's attention in seconds.
Kirman Smith
I was always saying that it UX is more for overall experience with a brand, product or service, that shows the clients. And UI is generally for the interaction between the user and software. But for the proper web development, both UI and UX are important. In order to choose a proper design and solutions for your business I was cooperating via https://onepix.net/services/webs... wordpress development services that is a really trusted development firm, that makes a full analysis of the business and supports all the solutions.
Prat Saengchan
The Good UI leads the better UX.
Stefan Morris
I would say UI sells more, however UX will have a bigger impact on retention.
The UI is only for the looks but UX rules it without UX, you cant make UI without any research or tests
Ayush Shakya
Depends on how much product you can carry in your hand versus availability of a bag to add more products, while shopping.