Which customer feedback tools do you use or would suggest?

Narek Gyurjinyan
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We are planning to integrate external tools to get feedback from customers and I would love to hear your opinion on this.


We've kept it simple by using Google Forms but I think Typeform offers more functionality and makes collecting feedback via forms a better experience for the users.
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https://tally.so/ for notion based
Amirali Nurmagomedov
Currently we are working on an open source feedback management tool, VoteKit https://github.com/kovanstudio/v... You can deploy it by yourself, or if you prefer a hosted solution https://votekit.com ;)
Dwayne Charrington
Initially, we had a fairly simple strategy of just asking people in person to fill out a survey on Google Forms but later realized that there's a lot of wasted potential in doing that. Since then, we've started using Qualaroo to embed surveys on my website and send them through SMS and emails. We get a lot of good insights about customer satisfaction, churn rate, and reasons behind cart abandonment. The tool also has advanced data analysis features but is pretty easy to use, so I'd say give it a try.