Which community platform you would choose?

Jakub Piskor
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Hey guys, can you recommend platform for building a community? Of course, I know Slack, Discord. Also found Tribe or Scenes. But I'm not sure which one is the best suit. I don't want to change a platform in a year. Do you have some pros and cons? Thanks for help.


Shauna Rae
I'm exploring this too. I'd prefer it to be a Canadian platform and extra points for female founders!
I like Discord as i am using it from last 4 year and their community is too supportive and i love that. VWCredit.com
Nick Wood
We use Slack for our community of community builders (meta, I know). I like it because I am personally more familiar with the platform as are a lot of the folks who have joined (and we hope will join) our community—this makes it easier for people to jump into conversation and get value right away. However, there are limitations on the free version of Slack in terms of reporting and message retention that you should take into consideration. As you think about a community tech stack more broadly, here are two great resources that could be helpful. One is from Lisa Xu at First Mark and the other from my colleague Steven Yum at Common Room: The Next Generation of Community Infrastructure: https://lisamxu.medium.com/the-n... Building Your Community Technology Stack to Ensure Enduring Community Investment: https://www.commonroom.io/blog/b...
Jakub Piskor
@nickwood Thanks for your extensive comment. I was thinking about Slack because well-known name in the business community. But I'm not sure that free version will be good enough long term and pay €7.50/month per user looks very high to me. So I'm not sure where to go right now.. I will check articles that you recommended. Thanks.
I run the WBE Space using slack and so far I am very happy with it
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