Which communities do you recommend for people interested in digital health?

Yesser Falk
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Digital health has grown rapidly during and after the Covid-19 pandemic and it will definitely play a more significant role in healthcare in the coming years. There are a lot of innovations happening in this sector and it is hard to keep up with them. Are there any channels, websites, newsletters, or communities you attend to keep up with innovations in digital health and AI power healthcare?


Neri Raanani
You should follow ARC innovation by Sheba health center
Lukasz Drewnowicz
(EHR) is a digital version of a patient's paper medical record that is critical to maximizing profits while providing the highest quality of care. It is an important component in the development of software in the field of health care. The cost of implementing ehr is certainly not a cheap pleasure, but it plays an important role in digital hospitals. It is they https://vitechteam.com/how-to-cr... who help with the solution of these and other issues. And also give a detailed answer why this is an important element in development
Lukasz Drewnowicz
In order to develop a good medical device, you need to have good technical skills, as well as test them a lot, so you can learn how to create an emr system online at the resource https://riseapps.co/how-to-develop-an-ehr-emr-system/. There is a lot of useful information in this article that will be really interesting for you.
BCoder Castle
HIMSS: The goal of HIMSS, a nonprofit organization operating on a global scale, is to improve health through information and technology. They provide information about digital health and the use of AI in healthcare, including news, events, and resources. in case of any problem get in touch with https://b-coder.com/ our team will lead you.
Cooper Melisssa
Leading cloud providers invest heavily in security measures and compliance certifications, often providing a more secure environment than many on-premises data centers. They typically have teams of experts dedicated to monitoring and enhancing security.Cloud providers https://brights.io/blog/overcomi... handle software updates, maintenance, and security patches, reducing the burden on IT departments and ensuring that systems are always up to date.