Which city would you want to work from remotely?

Bilal Chaglani
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If your company goes permanently remote, which city in the world would you wish to work from and why? I think my city would be Gangtok - India, or somewhere in the Maldives!!!


Bilal Chaglani
I just looked Fouras up. Very beautiful beaches and harbours 😍. Might add it to my list too!!
Bilal Chaglani
@ivanna_wendel pleasant weather and to top it all SURFING 😍
Snowdonia national park, Wales, UK. The closer to the lake, the better it is :) Surrounded by beautiful nature, fresh air, many walkways for those who love hiking and walking. One of the best pats is: there are no many distractions around you comparing if you live in the big city like London. This means you can be more focused on what you're doing/productive. Unfortunately, internet is not working well in this area, which is kinda downside...
Bilal Chaglani
@moneyroad Ahh Unfortunately Internet is work!! Can consider this for my retirement when "No internet would be an upside :)"
Daniel Geisinger
Nelson, New Zealand. There or Park City, Utah
Richard Fang
If I could work remotely, I'd love to choose a south-east asia country. Everyones generally friendly and everything's pretty cheap (And good good ofc)
I'd love to work out of Jeju Island (South Korea). Currently based in Seoul but would definitely prefer beach proximity :) Or even changing base from time to time would be nice - holiday seasons with my family, summer in some cooler climate and so on.. Just one suitcase and a new city / country every 3-6 months <3
Bilal Chaglani
@dslabglobal_ana Had never heard of Jeju Island till now. It looks AMAZING and it's a 7 wonder too. "Living like a nomad" that's the dream!! 🙌
Louise Turriff
Definitely Bali or Mexico, they have been top of my travel list forever! Would anyone like to join me at a virtual co-working session? It's usually on Thursday mornings but if another day or time suits better just let me know and I can meet you in the community space :) You can sign up for a free pass here - https://launch.orbital.chat?laun... Hope to see some of you there!
Hong Hoang
The options are endless. If I got to WFH, I wouldn't stay in one place.