Which category UI resources are needed mostly for designers and developers

Mansurul Haque
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Hey PH community, Hope everyone doing supper well. 3 months ago we launched a design platform on product hunt with 12000+ design resources called UI HUT. Need suggestion for fututre resources Our resources ❤️ 1000+ Web Templates, Blocks (Figma, Sketch, XD) ❤️ 2500+ Illustrations (Figma, Sketch, XD) ❤️ 8000+ SVG Icons ❤️ 500+ Mobile App Screens (Figma, Sketch, XD) ❤️ 100+ UI Assets for Web Application (Figma, Sketch, XD) We are designing resources continuously. Also, we are going to add coded UI resources in a week. Primarily we are adding for web template HTML ( Bootstrap), for mobile app ( Flutter ) I need suggestions for you guys on which category and type of UI design/ coded resources will be the most helpful for our users. We are coming with lots of new resources. A suggestion will be more than appreciated


Sayem Ahmed
Thanks for asking. I suggest you to add some illustration pack and full website template.
Mansurul Haque
@sayem_ahmed Thanks for supporting. Really appreciate your suggestions. Yes we are planning to add lot awesome illustration pack and full website too. Also we are going to upload coded UI resources in week. Thank You
Hi, Mansurul well done. For me I suggest you to create coded saas based web template and web app resources. Also I love Illustrations.
Mansurul Haque
@a_m_ifty Thank you. Yes we are completed few hundreds coded template already. In weeks we are going to upload those. Also we are start making Illustration pack as well. Thank you
Hridoy Rahman
Amazing collection of web blocks. Please try to add coded block it will be cool. Best wishes for uihut.
Nice platform of design resources
Andrew Mett
More recently, a handful of cloud-based platforms have emerged, allowing teams to design, prototype, and test products collaboratively. These same platforms are also capable of housing UI Style Guides and enabling team members to exchange ongoing feedback and ideas. Myloweslife
Sakib Al hasan
Marvelous design and templates
Jakir Hussan
ui hut is best dsgine web.
Sheikh Helal
UI HUT is one of the best design platforms for UX/UI designers, developers, and project managers.
Afsana Ahmed
a great platform for getting all the design resources in a place
Ferdous Ahmed Chowdhury
An amazing place for designing resources.
Precious design means UI HUT...
UI HUT always tries for something new and uncommon designs. Best wishes for UI HUT....
Bidhan Nath
The design of this platform is very attractive. UI-HUT is my favorite platform
saleh ahmed
All the best design resources in one place.