Which are the PH criteria to reach the TOP Products List?

Camilo Noa | xfxhub.com
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Obviously, Upvotes are not the only criteria that ProductHunt considers, taking our products eligible to integrate the TOP of the day. There are many other aspects to keep in mind. I think it's usability, hunting, and others that I don't know. Let's discover it together!


Jorge Falcon
I think it's between de usability and the niche the product has. Also, having a community behind you to back you up it's essential.
Daniel Engels
I wonder if a niche product has great chances to succeed on PH. There'll always be more people interested in a general public product. Let's say an AI short story generator would usully get more upvotes than an AI-assisted CAD for architects - simply because there are no so many architects in the community.
judd trump
Now that you've selected a product and niche to further explore and evaluate, it's time to put it under the microscope. Without properly evaluating your product and niche idea, your choices will be random and so will your chances of success. Click over here you can explore more details.