Which app or service do you use to schedule your daily tasks?

Alina Ihnatiuk
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I use JIRA + TMetric.
Ira GI
I use the calendar + the schedule in google table
Valeria Migova
I love to use weje.io for such purposes
Evgeny Medvednikov
@maxwellcdavis @dawn_veltri1 I guess Alina has no a wife ;) ahhahaha
Alina Ihnatiuk
@maxwellcdavis this comment lifted the spirits! Thanks! ))))
Alina Ihnatiuk
@maxwellcdavis @dawn_veltri1 @medik I have a husband ... who needs 10 reminder apps and a separate organization assistant ... so not my option :D
Bertha Kgokong
My own in-house tool, will be launched here very soon: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Leandro Zubrezki
I have my projects tasks in Notion in different workspaces, during the morning I sit with a cup of coffee, check priorities and what I feel will have more impact and write the schedule for the day in paper! Then I do the follow up in the specific workspace depending on the task, or if it is a course or anything else to get the context of the task at hand. At the end of the day or the next morning I check the paper and see what was done and what not, and move it to the next day if needed.
Dmitry Chourpo
I use Notion and Calendly.
Alexey Shashkov
I use Todoist + Notion + Calendar
Aryan Khan
I use Notion for everything. And if it's something important which I might forget, I have a little notepad on the main screen of my phone.
Rucha Joshi
@aryankhan I love notion. But it slows me down if I have to put together my to-do list/ tasks. I get a little involved with keeping everything pretty :P Designer woes
Aryan Khan
@rucha_joshi8 I understand you on that one. Being a designer as well, I did do some aesthetics changes to the page but the advantage I have is I like black and white lol
Rucha Joshi
I enlist them on slack in my personal dm space. Strike them off by editing it. It works out quickest for me
Андрей Олейник
I recently started using Weje. I like it.
Pavel Kukhnavets
A daily work plan may contain dozens of tasks. One of the best solutions for generating daily and weekly schedules is GanttPRO https://ganttpro.com/.