Which ad works best?

Alina Ihnatiuk
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What kind of advertising do you think is more effective - targeted (Facebook) or through influencers and bloggers?


Solomon Bush
I have used FB and it's definitely easy to set up and manage, and much cheaper than LinkedIn or Google. :)
Solomon Bush
I haven't tried advertising with content creators though. I've always wanted to, just not really sure how to start lol
Angi Bowman
Facebook ads are easier to analyze and measure success, that's for sure. In our experience, influencers may be great but can be so hard to measure. Even if you use UTM parameters for a special link or a promo code, it's hard to gauge any organic traffic that actually was motivated by the influencer. We had that experience recently. It's not that the influencer wasn't successful, but it was impossible to measure the campaign. Even with a landing page, it was hard to see who was going to said landing page and who was searching for us on Google instead. Meanwhile, Facebook as are very easy to monitor, analyze and evaluate.
Bertha Kgokong
In my experience, I found Google ads to work better, although not sustainable in the long run (always work on building good SEO for the long run) - they can get you that initial traffic, that if you convert well, that is all you will need to start growing. The problem we had with Facebook ads, although cheaper - it was the wrong people. Perhaps we just did not target properly or our product was not a good fit for Facebook. With google, its people already searching for your product, they already have "purchase intent", always worked better.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think both platforms are great but the thing is that you should advertise where your audience is present otherwise it will be waste of energy and time.
Between those two, I would choose bloggers.