Where to find marketing specialists for customer interviews? I am building no-code SQL tool.

Igor Kotua
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Hi there! I am building DataQuestion.io - no-code SQL tool that helps non-technical people to work with databases. There is a hypothesis that this tool could be usefull for marketing / sales specialists. What is the best way to recruit such specialists for customer interviews? Or should I do something diffirent to test my hypothesis? Any advice is really appreciated :)


Shariq A
You will find communities of people in Marketing/Sales profession on Social Media platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn and perhaps Facebook also. The only challenge is online communities and forums have strict rules against self-promotion and many times genuine posts and questions are marked as self-promotion and deleted. Hopefully someone else here knows better places for you to reach out for customer interviews. Best!
Fabian Maume
Founder of Tetriz.io
That could be a good community for you to try out: https://www.facebook.com/markete...