Where do you spend most of your time for social media marketing?

Siddhesh Lokare
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If you run a startup, where and how much time do you contribute for social media marketing. For me it's Instagram/Facebook : 40%, Linkedin : 20%, Clubhouse : 10%, Twitter : 10%, Quora : 10%, Indiehackers/Producthunt/Hackernoon : 10%


Kamila Klavíková
That's just a guess. I don't keep track of all the activities. Reddit 30%, Twitter 30%, Facebook/Instagram 30%, LinkedIn 10%, Indiehackers/Producthunt 5%, YouTube: 5%. We want to try TikTok. Although, this doesn't explain why. Personally I like places like Reddit, Twitter, IH, and PH the most, because it's easy to meet new people, it's searchable from Google, and you can quite effectively search the network.