Where do you launch your products apart from Product Hunt?

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Fabian Maume
https://www.indiehackers.com/ is quite nice. You can share your main milestones there. You can also consider getting listed there: startuptabs.com startupbuffer.com crunchbase.com f6s.com startupproject.org startupstash.com startupranking.com www.startups-list.com 10words.io startupresources.io www.betabound.com
Veronika Nesheva
I would add AppSumo ( and its alternatives such as Deal Mirror) and hacker news.
Sergey Voynov
@veronica_nesheva @roy_outgrow We have had negative experiences with them, without any result. In addition, their terms are not very favorable. Well, what was especially surprising was the condition that you must first bring 60 users to their site so that they buy our product, and only after that they will start promoting our product on the platform. We didn't know about this before starting. So discuss the terms carefully so that there are no "surprises".
Kyle Frost
Indie Hackers recently published a great post with a *ton* of suggestions for places to launch/list your product: https://www.indiehackers.com/pos...
Linda Liepa
Hi! It highly depends on what kind of business you represent. For me, launching products is where existing or potential users can engage with each other and leave feedback. Apart from mentioned websites, I would like to add certain communities : Trustpilot - collect reviews about your business and then add the TrustBox on your website to raise credibility . G2 - review site on focus on the American market Quora spaces - this might take time to build, but it is a great place where users can engage with each other Capterra - software listings