Where do you find interesting people and conversation?

Daniil Polozov
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I wanna grow up my English skills and my product (design, management and programming) skills, but where do I need to find people with interests like mine? Do you use random meets or something like that?


José Gonçalves
Twitter is by far the best place I know for this kind of thing
ProductHunt 😀 (of course) . And, like @josegpt said, Twitter. Once you are done sifting through all the noise, you can start finding immensely useful posts and people with real insight. Try to stick to 'quality' instead of 'quantity. Just my 2 cents : If you want to improve your English skills, a great (and free) option would probably be Youtube. You can find a ton of videos that help to recitfy mistakes in pronunication and grammar. Also, regularly consuming content in English can gradually help you in picking up common phrases and words. But, at the end of the day, there is no real substitute to actually using the language. Keep reading & writing as much as you can. Maybe type out articles on gmail so that you get highlights about some common mistakes , along with suggestions about possible phrases (Grammarly is another potential option). Regarding programming ,i think Stackoverflow , Dev.to and Youtube (again) are great resources to improve your coding skills, while Behance and Dribble can be invaluable to get creative inspiration for your designs. Take things one day at a time. Learning is after all a continuous process, so don't be too hard on yourself. All the best. 👍
Yousef Alesayi
@josegpt @notanothervivek @jokerdab I couldn't agree more! Twitter is an amazing place to find interesting people. I'd recommend that you go through comments section in tweet of a micro-influncer in the field you want to explore, then look for a comment that you find interesting and go say hi to that person. It works like magic.