Where do you create and store your sales kit?

Sergey Voynov
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For everyone who needs B2B sales, the problem is familiar when salespeople need to understand how to sell your product. Usually, a sales kit is a bunch of different files stored in Google Drive, for example. And without training, salespeople will not figure it out. Maybe someone found a better solution?


Fabian Maume
I'm using google drive too. I curious to see if somebody has a better solution.
Sergey Voynov
@fabian_maume Yes, this is not the most convenient solution. Many times we gave a link to the sales kit to external sales managers, and each time it was not enough for them to start selling.
Kirill Proskurin
This is a great question!
Hey Sergey Voynov, I've been grappling with this equal challenge in my B2B sales endeavors, and let me inform you, it's a conundrum indeed. In my sales package orchestration, I've shifted away from the usual Google Drive mishmash. Instead, I've embraced the remarkable world of Sales Enablement Platforms (SEPs). SEPs like Seismic or Highspot provide a cohesive repository for all sales collateral, complete with strong analytics. These platforms ensure that income teams can access, customize, and distribute materials with ease, disposing of the guesswork. It's akin to arming your troops with precision weapons! Moreover, SEPs often come with AI-powered recommendations, aiding salespeople in choosing the most potent content for every scenario. It's like having a sage advisor whispering in your ear during each sales interaction. My trip with SEPs has modified my sales game, increasing productiveness and making sure a consistent, compelling message. So, I'd highly advise exploring these modern solutions for a greater environment friendly and effective income journey. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to read my article Nonprofit Retail Stores: Explore Why It Makes Positive Impact On The World. I'd love to hear your expert opinion.