When you join a new venture, what is the first thing you look at?

Raghav Goyal
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For me, it's the people, the culture. I want to come to a place everyday that I can call home. And that's all about the people and the culture.


Jack Davis
I would say the people running the company and then the idea the company is working on.
Raghav Goyal
@jack_davis7 People running the company probably matters in a smaller venture. Does it play a big part in your decision even when it's an MNC? When you don't really interact with the founders.
Mayank Gupta
The people who started it, then the people who are working towards it. But these two aside, it depends more on how much I am willing to work towards that cause.
team / culture
Prateek Mathur
Having worked at startups for a very long time, leadership is the most important area for me. Not only are these the people that can truly drive the idea forward but are these also the people who can help you succeed. I've worked for startup leaders who wanted experience but didn't know what to do with that experience.
Raghav Goyal
@prateek_mathur Haha makes sense Prateek. People and leaders are probably the most important for most people. People > Vision > Money ✅
Priyanka Mehta
Company's overall goal and the approach towards fulfilling it. Also whether the company's culture includes uplifting others and listening to people's ideas and grievances.
Stuti Agarwal
For me it’s first and foremost the work that they are doing. If I’m passionate about the work then I can fight through most odds. And then come the people and culture. Although they would have to balance each other out to some extent. I have previously left great work because of the people and culture because the imbalance was too great for me to balance.
Raghav Goyal
@stuti that is such a practical answer, makes complete sense. Basically nothing is every black or white.
For me its the people and their vision for the venture, also how empathetic they are towards their team and themselves.