When launching a product globally what are the things to be taken care of?

Prashant Mahajan
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We are building a global product. Besides data compliance, what are other tips and tricks for a successful global product launch?


Pathange Balaji Rao
Here are some things that I think need to be handled to make Global products 1. Proper documentation in different popular languages 2. Localization of the language of the home pages based on the country in which the user lands from. 3. Considering local normalization of pricing plans and respective currency conversions for users to pay with their currency. [Choosing a Premium or Economy Pricing Strategy based on different parameters to suit the local market] 4. Seamless payment acceptance (possibly- Stripe, Paypal and Razorpay) 5. Understanding the market dynamics to understand what the local market wants that the local competitors are doing well at. [Altering to Fit the Needs of Your New Market] 6. Thorough competitor analysis of different regions 7. Building a Global first community around the product. 8. Onboarding global authoritative evangelists (Most important for early-stage B2B products) 9. Localise Promotion - Choosing Strategies That Work the best in different markets. 10. Final local partners and early adopters/ cheerleaders (these folks would give a lot of interesting insights about how their market is different- a must to have an insiders viewpoints) 11. Marketing material in different languages to reach out and communicate with folks from different countries. These are some of the things that came up to my mind. Hope these help @prashant_mahajan .
Anton Ross
Technical support must be in the language of the country of launch, otherwise people will feel uncomfortable working in your service
Anupama Panchal
If you are targeting English-speaking countries only then the availability of customer support in their time zones is very important. If you support multiple languages then marketing and help available in their language is also a must.