When is a good time to change status from freelancer to incorporation?

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Hey all! After selling the last company that my partner and I maintained for over 10 years, I decided to use some of the cash to bootstrap several businesses that I have ideas for. I'm currently registered as a freelancer. I was wondering when should one (when creating a digital product) do it freelancer and when should one consider incorporating a company? My current idea is to remain a one-man company (freelancer) since I'm only hiring other freelancers for the work. I'm thinking to incorporate a company as soon as I decide to hire someone with a contract. What are your thoughts and experiences about that? If it helps, I'm based in Europe/Portugal.


Anton Ross
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As soon as there are a lot of routine daily tasks. Immediately there is a need for full-time specialists and a manager. While everything can be solved by the hands of freelancers, the company is not needed
@rosssaris That's good insight thanks Anton