When did you join Product Hunt?

10 replies
Me: 2014


Yusuke Nishijima
2019 when I watched a Ycombinator video about how to successfully launch a product on PH.
Donna Murdoch
2015 according to my profile - I think I always used it but didn't officially "join" till then.
Daryl 🦆
April. Yep, this year. I've been a solo dev building startups for almost 3 years but only recently discovered PH. Hoping to submit my first product early next year 🤞
Mahak from Outgrow
July but started following all discussions seriously from last two weeks
Tolulade Ademisoye
April this year, still learning the ropes
Gregor Hofer
Today. Still working myself into it.
Angi Bowman
I joined in 2016 when we had our first launch. :-) I ebb and flow on PH though based on projects and family duties.