When did you conduct your first end user tests?

Robin Lutz
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Some weeks ago, we started our first end user tests of our web app and the results were devastating: None of the users understood any of our concepts or UX ideas. We were blown away. We finally understood, why we loose so many users in the on boarding process. I read this on hacker news and other platforms 1000 times and still we fall into this trap and build our solution without user feedback. I am curious in which phase you started to show your app or designs to users and tested their interaction with it.


Gleb Braverman
We did our first interviews with basic wire frames and a pitch 😁
Robin Lutz
@gleb_braverman Good job. Thats what you have to do. HAVE TO. I cannot stress this enough.
Alice Rodgers
we did our first interviews at the idea stage (to actually understand if the world needs our product)
Robin Lutz
@cn__katie we build a software that already existed as a desktop version and already had some users. But the web works differently, people have sooooooo much less concentration and attention spans. Also, it is very hard to explain anyway, because it uses some revolutionary mechanics, that will change the way people consume information.. but not with the current UX :-D
Ondrej Dobias
If we could not sell the product (or at least get early access registrations) on the landing page, it's too early to start programming. The code you own ends up owning you :)
Robin Lutz
@ondrej_dobias1 Oh, thats so true. We had a desktop version of the tool already and we wanted to bring it to the web. But we relied too much on the existing software and tested too less new concepts. At least we have a good code base and can iterate fast. Let's hope we can make this software usable again :-)