Whats the best time to send Daily marketing emails

sulyman moyo
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I use SendFox to send My marketing emails i have a 30% open rate and according to @noahkagan thats pretty neat Any suggestions on the best times to send?


Klaas Foppen
I can't say for sure but what we do is use the actual users timezone to deliver it at the right time for them. This does of course take some A/B testing and depends on what action you want the users to take!
sulyman moyo
@klaaz0r Click through rate is the main action required and that is very low will A/B Test with buttons soon. The issue is its never consistent
These days the ESPs are using their data and customer email sending patterns to come up with a feature that allows software to choose what's ideal time to send an email to a person based on various factors. It does work most of the times. SendInBlue has it, I guess Mail chimp too
sulyman moyo
@akash_ambade1 Hmmm you mean the platform independently decide when to send an Email to a user based on Email activity?
@repreneur If you are purely into Outbound email reachout, those 2 wouldn't be much ideal...They also have strict regulation in place on how you collect the emails and the quality of emails. Spam & bounce rates are constantly monitored for each campaign.. They want to make sure their entire customer base gets benefited out of healthy email sending habits.
sulyman moyo
@akash_ambade1 The mails are mails from users, those two can do the work well right?
@repreneur In that case, you can get started with SendInBlue...should serve you best... I suggest you to take a thorough look before deciding the tool for your use case..Good luck
robiul haque
we appreciate to discuss on daily marketing emails. this is very important topics to let us know the proper guidelines of the emails related to product.
Side Hustle Swipe
We've never seen much difference in time zones. We have seen much more useful information when looking at subject tweaks.
sulyman moyo
@sidehustleswipe Does adding the name of the Email owner increase open rate?
Nik Hazell
Do you try to send out emails at different times for users in different time-zones?