What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Nadezhda Kuzmenko
14 replies
Any business or work related thing.


Pratik Sharma
get paid for something that I like doing. For now, it's doodling. I am not really good. But I created a site which draws doodle line by line. So you get to know how it was made. How do I get paid for it? Idk. doodlerbook.com
Vivek Kumar
Stop doing services and focus completely on products for my company.
Santiago Alonso
use my experience in tech (design, pitching, marketing) and create products and services targeting the creative industry (filmmakers, artists, photographers, etc) and grants.
Nadezhda Kuzmenko
@madebysan sounds cool! why are you afraid?
Jesuino Filho
investiria mias na bolsa de valores e cripto