What would stop you from trying asynchronous video communication?

Albert Kozlowski
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Hi! Last month we soft-launched an asynchronous video messaging tool for teams. However, we are struggling with getting an active user base. We are trying to nail the problem, but after many iterations on our website (Birdslate), I concluded that either we aren't getting our product in front of the right people, or there is some blocker keeping people from adopting this kind of communication. I wonder if there is anyone here that has tried this kind of communication (or want to try it) and could provide some feedback on using asynchronous video at work, as well as the kind of features that would be useful.


Jon James
Hi Albert. Just had a quick scan of the homepage and to be honest, I don't get it. I just don't get how it works in practice. Maybe a simple hero screenshot/scenario would work. As a side point, I know what the word asynchronous means but it's not something I'd expect others to. If there's another word you could replace it with I think that would be wise.
Albert Kozlowski
@jondotjames Thank you for taking your time and the feedback, I am working now on completely redesigning our homepage. The idea is that people can send short video messages, instead of the call to connect both personal and async communication. You are definitely right about the word asynchronous, even though we were targeting tech teams, it's not so obvious to everyone.