What works for you with cold emails?

Chandan Maruthi
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Getting customers to know about your product is essential for startups. What has worked well for you when cold emailing potential users?


Always A/B test everything, different copy, different headlines. Send test messages to yourself to make sure it doesn't end up in spam, or inside the promotion tab. Personally, I find more success using a real persons name, and a basic text message (without HTML) so it feels like a normal email message. What about you Chandan, any suggestions thus far?
Valerie Borshch
@avidnote totally agree with you! + a/b testing is a must - do always it with different subject lines, email body and contents + don't boast - bring value, and don't annoy that your company is a fit for someone, search for proofs + personalize - remember that you can start your email not with the offer but from the quiery about the potential client: Connect your message to the recipient and show you know them well — you are aware of their current business situation, what solutions they offer, what business events they participate in, what posts they write in their blog, etc. More tips: https://snov.io/blog/how-to-writ...
@valeria_andreevna Very well said, especially with regards to personalization. The less the email feels like it was generated by a robot, the better :D
David J. Kim
@valeria_andreevna @avidnote I hear that the reason why some people on LinkedIn have emojis next to their name is so that they can filter out bots. Nobody likes responding to a bot.
Chandan Maruthi
@avidnote I am still learning here so too early to share best practices. But learning from the best here and on youtube
@valeria_andreevna @between_team That's a good point. I subscribed to your app by the way, I definitely recognize that problem when working remote : )
Bertha Kgokong
I would love to know the answer to that question too, I noted the comment about A/B testing. Will be utilising that in my next campaign.
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