What will be the biggest changes in the credit card market in the next 10 years

Sean Grossman
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Will buy-now-pay-later completely take over this market? Affirm is paving the way for this with the relatively new release of their debit card making any item (over $100) financeable & we see major banks allowing you to subdivide transactions (if eligible). Will banks no longer have these complex reward schemes? We see the Apple Card & SoFi card having no reward portal built out and CB as the only redemption option. Will credit cards offer reward incentives? Or will programs like the X1 card take over the market in the sense that reward rates increase as your spending increases? These are just some interesting areas of the market IMO (and there are tons more - DeFi implications, Neobanks, etc.), your answer could piggyback off one of the above thoughts or be totally unmentioned - just interested in learning more!


Mark Leva
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