What were your launch day KPIs? 📈

Did you set any specific KPIs before launching? Do some of the things you thought would be important end up not being as meaningful as you thought? If so, which ones will you now recommend?


Solomon Bush
I still learning a lot when it comes to product launches. As far as KPIs I think the biggest one is bounce rate. This is one of the easier things to fix, just make sure everything is performant and simple to read. Some of the things I learned from my launch was: - Group bugs & fixes by where the user encounters them within the funnel... The higher up the funnel, the more priority they should have. I wasted a lot of time fixing bugs that no one would have seen haha - A product can never exceed it's marketing. I thought the quality of my product would sell itself. But inferior products win everyday because of better advertising. From a KPI perspective, add some AB tests for which features are spotlighted in the landing page, and gauge traffic, CTR, and bounce on which spotlighted features people care about