What were your achievements last week? 🚀💪

Samir Rashed
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Hi makers! How did you meet your challenges and achieve your goals this week? Share your stories 👇


Samir Rashed
About me with @momen_elshamy and all Premast team. We have almost finished the new version of PremastPlus 3.0 https://plus.premast.com/ last version https://www.producthunt.com/post... What about you?
Gabriel Bujold
I'm currently negotiating equity as a late co-founder for the early startup I've been working for the past three months, pretty stoked about it!
I found a co-founder!
I have cooked my food everyday.
Launched Whatsresponse. www.whatsresponse.com A rules based Whatsapp autoresponder. Can also be used as a social CRM for small/micro businesses.
Md Salehin Khan
The past week we have shipped a feature which was a single item purchase option with the custom digital delivery, for my newly created ghost theme library https://visioun.com. Currently, we don't have many themes in the library, but we are trying to add a theme each month. Also, the library got featured in appsumo. For next week. We are focusing more on themes & designs. Instead of adding more features to the application. Ultimately the themes are the products & the application is the container of the themes.
Aziz Ahamed
Last week, I had the opportunity to research and write a blog post about the 15 best Ghost themes in 2023, which was a significant achievement for me. I spent several hours researching and testing various themes, analyzing their features, pros, and cons, and compiling a comprehensive list for my readers. Writing a blog post can be a time-consuming process, but the satisfaction of publishing a well-researched and informative article is always worth it. Moreover, creating valuable content that can help other people in their blogging journey is a rewarding experience. This is the link of my post- https://themeix.com/best-ghost-t...
I shipped an issue of my newsletter last week and reached 125 subscribers! I write about lessons from failure for founders: sunsetclub.substack.com