What were your achievements last week? πŸš€πŸ’ͺ

Samir Rashed
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Hi Makers & Hunters, How did you meet your challenges, and achieve your goals this week? share your stories πŸ‘‡


Samir Rashed
About me with @momen_elshamy and all Premast Team prepared to launch "Brand kit by Premast" 🀩🀩 and we are live today https://www.producthunt.com/post... πŸ”₯ it would be great if you give it a look! and give us your feedback and don't miss our LTD on AppSumo http://appsumo.8odi.net/AoKP9K πŸš€ Thanks in Advance πŸ™
Eithiriel (Nichole Elizabeth DeMerΓ©)
Hi @samir_soliman we're in the process of establishing awesome partnerships for @reeviewapp and made some incredible partners!
Elise Cannon
Nice! We launched our app in beta on Android πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Take a look at Sādu app - we want alllll the feedback!
Prateek Mathur
I didn't achieve much in terms of revenue, but got a few good leads and meetings booked for this week.
Side Hustle Swipe
Starting from scratch can be tough, but I did that last week. I sold my last company and along with it, the reputation and following that I had built for years. Now I'm starting over with my newest projects and it's a bit daunting. But, I did it. Despite the fear of starting a brand new thing from zero in 2021, I did it. So for that I'm proud.
Fritz Brumder
@sidehustleswipe I have been in that exact spot before! I sold my company in late 2019 and have since launched a side project and a growth company.
Fajar Siddiq
I achieve doing backlog stuffs, i'm happy to not procrastinate
Justin Chitla
I feel like I released too early last week... but I am happy to have done so. It's a very simple web app but there are some bugs that I need to hop on right away like making sure phone numbers are formatted correctly and giving a user a success message if they signed up correctly.
Shekhar Chandra
It was same as the week before but I'm glad that I kept my schedule this week as well. Which was the biggest challenge for me so far :D
Fritz Brumder
Side projects are always hard to prioritize. Last week I was able to get my passion project over the finish line. Whole Life Meditation is a guided process to visualize your life in one sitting. Would love any feedback you have!
David J. Kim
We filmed a great demo video last week despite Ontario still having some restrictions. We also sent off a monthly update that got over 50 intros!
Samir Rashed
@between_team interesting ✌️ , can you share it after you finish?
Katie Kuzin
@samir_soliman we completed our roadmap to launch our new product! And finally finished designing a solution for some ML cluster exploration we're working on.
VΓ­ctor MC Azpeitia
Hi Sam! We are about to launch our new PWA, in a few weeks it will be official. My name is VΓ­ctor Azpeitia and I am the CTO of "uxtrip.net". The function of our Application is to connect various providers of tourist experiences in Mexico with clients from all over the world, and well, it is practically ready. My best achievement of last week was to register our PWA for the LATAM awards on Wednesday, which recognize the best entrepreneurs and StartUps in Latin America ... and after a couple of days receive the news of being nominated for 7 different categories of those LATAM awards. It was very nice news, and without a doubt the best achievement of my last week =)
Tim Carambat
Got some awesome feedback from some early onboarded users for Good Word Club. Was actually able to iterate and deploy it pretty quick and got some better reception from the beta users!
Adrian Cole
Hired a new Developer for Voiceblasts. Took 2 months to find someone.
Bud Broesky
launched my first product tonight!
Samir Rashed
@budb Congrats we launched to day too https://www.producthunt.com/post... looks great, good luck 🀩
Deep Eiem
I got my 1st earing.It's really best achivements for me.what about yours?
Samir Rashed
@deep_eiem Congrats πŸ₯³πŸ€©, good luck for us, we launched today https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Prateek Majumder
I didn't do anything really great. But I am trying to be productive.
Dominik Ε imonΓ­k
We launched Copyhat here on Product Hunt πŸš€
Samir Rashed
@ryzizub Wow Congrats, We hope you a nice launch, We also launched today have a look https://www.producthunt.com/post... Thanks for sharing πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
Leah Angles
I got my first earning and when the money came in my hand I felt so happy and proud of myself.
Muhammed Ibrahim
Helped my team cross 15k active users!! πŸš€πŸš€ πŸ”₯