What was your biggest struggle when you started building a community?

Maria Korinskaya
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Maxwell Davis
Launching Something Soon 🚀
Hey @tiagorbf you might have some thoughts on this
Victoria Pedretti
Dinosaur Game.
I also have the same question. Pacman 30th Anniversary
I love building products
The first big struggle when building the WBE Space (https://thehiveindex.com/communi...) was to get people to engage with each other and become active members
Building thesidekick.app ⚡️
Keeping the community engagement going was the biggest struggle for me. We've been combating this with challenges (we're a productivity tool - so our challenges are about keeping each other accountable/motivated). But, the engagement usually dwindles after a challenge is over :(.
Talia Bender
Marketing Lead @ Ultralytics
Hi Maria! For us, we started out with a sizable community on GitHub with our open-source product. Now, we are tackling the challenge of converting these users over to first beta test our new product, but eventually become users of it, which will be offered at free, pro, and enterprise levels. In short, our struggle is related to creating awareness and engagement with our MVP launch content as opposed to our open-source product content.
Angi Bowman
CRO Manager @ Lucky Orange 🍊
One of our struggles has been that we don't have one distinct target market. We can be used by technical developers to the newbie Shopify merchant. Because there's not one specific audience, we have struggled to gain momentum to increase engagement.