What was the most remarkable product hunt campaign you have seen?

Alexandre Savigny
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I want to promote best practices and celebrate creativity when it comes to product hunt launches and nothing is better than celebrating some PH campaigns. Which product had a seamless or out-of-the-box product hunt communication strategy that you can't forget.


Nithursan M
Sorry to be braggy. But I love my product more than anything else 😜 😜 https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Business Analyst in Leamington Spa UK.
I don't have any per se, however this seems a great resource to find some good launches: www.phlaunches.com/
Patrick Joubert
CEO, Ponicode.com
So far...RecastAI Bot platform ;) soon I expect something @jasmineanteunis @bbouffaut @mrjustaine