What type of online game do you usually play?

Jia Hong
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There are a ton of online games out there and I'm just wondering about people's favorite ones. I myself like casual games and visual novels (not really sure if it's considered a game tho). Tell me what's yours. :>


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Long back I used to play Candy crush, it was good, simple, no rush, you have to engage your mind and think..so it was good..lately, no time :)
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I like to play Pubg, candy crush, idle games , etc
League of legends (10% cause i like it, 90% addiction)
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I usually play MMORPGs. They are appealing to me as they give us the freedom to play how I want, to achieve things, and to make friends. And the best MMORPG to play main, with no doubt be, the World of Warcraft! If you ever want to main (heck even play) any MMORPG, it definitely has to be World of Warcraft! If you cannot afford the subscription fees, or it does not feel worth spending money on it, you can always try the private servers for Vanilla, TBC Classic, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draener and maybe Legion (soon).
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