What type of online game do you usually play?

Jia Hong
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There are a ton of online games out there and I'm just wondering about people's favorite ones. I myself like casual games and visual novels (not really sure if it's considered a game tho). Tell me what's yours. :>


Rashmi Gupta
Long back I used to play Candy crush, it was good, simple, no rush, you have to engage your mind and think..so it was good..lately, no time :)
Jaskiran Kaur
I like to play Pubg, candy crush, idle games , etc
League of legends (10% cause i like it, 90% addiction)
Jake Kelly
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Christopher Paige
I usually play MMORPGs. They are appealing to me as they give us the freedom to play how I want, to achieve things, and to make friends. And the best MMORPG to play main, with no doubt be, the World of Warcraft! If you ever want to main (heck even play) any MMORPG, it definitely has to be World of Warcraft! If you cannot afford the subscription fees, or it does not feel worth spending money on it, you can always try the private servers for Vanilla, TBC Classic, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draener and maybe Legion (soon).
Imogen Shepherd
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john ales
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Demian Dex
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Daniel Hirsch
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Heran Gopers
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Clair Birge
Right now my favorite online games are PBG and casino. The first one I started playing a long time ago with my friends and it's so fun! I come home turn on my laptop and start to play till morning because it keeps my attention the whole night. I feel the same with slot99 online, it is fun and interesting to play, moreover, it brings me money every time I win in slots. Try it out, it's totally worth it.
Henry Martin
There are different types of games available online. You can easily get a big list games if you search on Google or other search engines. Some of the games are for free and some aren't. Even you can start playing paid games from home. You just need to join there. If you want to play casino games for example best sports betting sites You need to signup. Some of the casinos are offering high sign up bonuses for the new players. You can take this opportunity and enjoy. :)
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Tyson Stevens
I like playing games with live dealers
I am playing Diablo 4 and farming Diablo 4 items and gold for real money. Love this game. A huge improvement over Diablo 3 (in my opinion). I love that they took elements from D2 and D3 and made a d4.5 I say 4.5 because this game feels like a candy store! Side quests, bounty features (aka Whispering Trees), improved game mechanics, character customization, and world events/world bosses, which include participation from people outside the current party. I'd like to rate the game higher than a 4, but the bugs and server issues are relentless at times.
Dinero Manero
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