What tools do you use to support machine learning in your company?

Katie Kuzin
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Did I miss any?


Johannes Grenzemann
How about boring old-school Python Code with PyCharm & Jupyter Notebooks? :)
Nick Bess
We use Open AI. To be honest, I was skeptical about AI at first. But time passed and having worked in this industry for some time, I changed my opinion. Running data through a Machine learning algorithm allows businesses to predict consumer purchasing habits, market trends, popular products, and so on. I'm sure, AI has a big future.
Mark Lense
Every programmer is familiar with it and with logical operators since when he mastered the IF statement. Boolean algebra received its further development in the form of predicate calculus - in which it is expanded by introducing subject symbols, relations between them, quantifiers of existence and universality, more information at https://markmeets.com/business/b.... Almost every artificial intelligence system built on a logical principle is a theorem proving machine.
Mark Lense
In this case, the initial data is stored in the database in the form of axioms, the rules of inference as the relationship between them. In addition, each such machine has a goal generation block, and the inference system tries to prove the given goal as a theorem, for more visit https://entrepreneursbreak.com/d.... If the goal is proven, then the tracing of the applied rules allows you to get a chain of actions necessary to achieve the goal.
Amanda Trincher
We are now studying these new technologies in the company, and we want to understand through which tools it will be best to integrate them into our business. For example, the article https://geniusee.com/single-blog... gave us a lot of ideas about new frameworks and how they can be used for business benefit