What tools do you use to stay up to date about your customers’ needs?

Junior Owolabi
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I built a tool to accomplish this for myself because I found no single tool to help achieve this, and other methods require a lot time and/or money to set this research up. What tools do you use?


Arda Helvacılar
We basically use our Facebook Community page to achieve this 😃
Haven't launched yet but I watch the streams that our potential customers are doing to see how they interact with their audience (our product is a twitch extension)
Tanya Sharma
I usually collect insights from our early adopters via different social platforms that they currently use (mostly Twitter) or get them to write an email to us directly that we respond within 24h. I document all insights on Miro. This workflow is obviously very manual and we're looking to automate it. I'd love to know what you're building!
Junior Owolabi
@tanyasharma this is the tool I’m build https://www.PrepxUs.com it enables users to do Qualitative and quantitative research with their customers from inside their app or via a public link (that can be added to an email or social media post), the research ranges from 1:1 video chats to observing the customers testing high fidelity prototypes (built via this tool).
Jason Grills
I won’t say they are tools but rather platforms that help you stay up to date with your customer’s needs. You can make use of platforms like live chat or even chatbot to know what your customers came looking for on your website.
Nikita Dutta
Since the day I started working on my online business, I have been using managed live chat from Chat Metrics (chatmetrics.com) as they provide a professional team of agents who are always available on my website to interact with my website visitors and know their requirements. I would like to add that within a very short period of time; I was able to double up my sales without any extra effort.